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The Country Crafter has been in business since 1988.  My name is Judy Goodwin and I sell, service and teach all brands of knitting machines.  I carry tools, yarns and books I hope that you will find in my pages something of interest. In addition to machines, I spin and weave, supplying the fiber artist with yarns. books, looms and spinning wheels and most of all encouragement to make you successful in your fiber journey.  Sit back, relax and enjoy the items that I will show you in the following pages.  Come back often and be sure to fill out the guestbook and bookmark my page. Reach me at for information concerning any of the content on the website.

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 Check out my Free patterns for directions on this placemat and yarn jar.

Another free pattern

1/2 mittens

These mittens were knit on a Artisan 260 knitting machine using Erdal Clouds Mohair yarn.

I began by taking a piece of the yarn about 15" and set it aside for later.  I used waste yarn and cast on 30 stitches at tension 9.  After several rows of waste and ending with carriage on the right I set RC  to 000 and began with my mohair yarn.  Knit for 20 rows with moderate amount of weights added to piece.  Take separate piece of yarn that you set aside and cast off needle #1 through needle # 5 right of 0 using latch tool.  It is easier to latch off with out going around gate posts but remember to cast off loosely.  Your cast off ends with the last stitch being placed onto needle #1 left of 0.  Using the same yarn bring empty needles to "E" and cast on with the remaining yarn.  Now knit across.  For the next few rows bring the needles that you e-wrapped to "E" position.  Knit to RC 40.  Hang stitches from waste yarn in the hooks of needles and pull through the stitches.  Latch tool bind off.  Once off of the machine, turn inside out which becomes the right side and brush.  Turn up the longer edge and wear the shorter end at the top of the hand.  These mitts are great for starting your car on cold mornings, running, and typing to name just a few times that I use them.  I also use this type when I am out demonstrating my spinning wheels on cold and damp days.  Happy knitting and let me know how they work for you.